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Organic Cat Litter

   The raw materials of the cat litter is 100% plants, it is the ambulatory toilet for cat. After the cat litter absorb much water, people can move the egesta by spade breezily. Biodegradable and recyclable, plants cat litter can be flushed or recycled into your garden as very good natural plant food.


Pine Litter

The Pine cat litter is columned, the diameter is 6mm, and the length is 10-15 according cat's foot. The cat litter have good aroma from pine leaves, and it can resist bacteria in order to keep clean.


Repti Bark

Hygroscopic. This means it absorbs moisture and then releases it, creating humidity. The perfect substrate for humidity loving reptiles.
Conducts and evenly distributes heat. Adds environmental stimulus. Allows natural digging and burrowing activity.



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